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NC500 has kicked off

Route Planning

Bruce and the support team left Inverness on Saturday the 17th and have been on the road now for a few days so here is an update. Some photos to show how things are going. Bruce is tackling the NC500 on a Unicycle to raise awareness of Alcohol Recovery Scotland and the Sinclair Method.

Bruce and the support team

This will take Brice over three weeks all going well. He is heading up the West coast and down the East coast. Over 20 miles per day to be achieved.

On his way

He has to cope wth the weather and the roads and traffic. He has been supported by the kind donation of a camper to help support and a van with fuel to help the support. The van follows with signs on and all the replacement kits etc needed to do this event.

Garve reached

If you want to donate to the efforts of Bruce’s Uni Cycle the link is below and also an article in the local press link is here as well.

Newspaper article.

Go Fund Me link

We will try and keep you up to date with Bruce’s progress but it can also be followed on his Facebook Page here.

NC500 draws ever closer.

We are nearing the major attempt at doing the NC500 route on a unicycle by Bruce Rose. This is to raise awareness and raise funds for the Sinclair Method’s use in Scotland. Bruce has set up and is running Alcohol Recovery Scotland and is trying to raise awareness of the 78% success rate of this method of treating Alcohol dependency issues.

No final logistics have been fully arranged but it is hoping to go ahead as follows: –

Leaving from outside Inverness Caledonian Thistle’s football ground on the morning of the 17th at approximately 9 am and heading northbound over the Kessock Bridge.

Bruce has had to learn to go on a unicycle to do this amazing challenge as he hadn’t even tried one before. He is hoping to do around 30 miles per day.

You can follow and support Bruce and Alcohol Recovery Scotland in the following ways: –

NC500, The Countdown is on……….

Raising awareness of The Sinclair Method

Bruce Rose is the founder of Alcohol Recovery Scotland and aims to unicycle around the NC 500 route to raise funds and awareness for The Sinclair Method (TSM). TSM is a clinically trialed alcohol recovery program with a 78% success rate. Bruce has been mastering the use of a Unicycle having never ridden one before this.

The date has now been set and the countdown is on for the event, We wish Bruce all the very best.

How can you help?

They are some ways you can help, you can follow the NC500 Facebook page and follow Bruce’s progress. There are photos and videos of his training sessions. Also, there is a giving page to help fund the event and help with raising awareness.

Bruce is also saying that the following would be a great help if you or someone you know could help: –

  • If any corporation or business would like to sponsor the camper van needed for the event to follow Bruce around
  • If any corporation or business would like to sponsor the video and media that would follow Bruce around
  • There will also be a support vehicle for Bruce, behind him on all the routes for his protection and carrying spares, etc. He is saying that advertising on this vehicle could be purchased and your company logo would be seen on the vehicle as it goes around the NC500.

If any of these are for you and your organisation then fill in the contact form and let Bruce know and he will get back to you.

NC500 Challenge to raise awareness and funding

Alcohol Recovery Scotland’s founder Bruce Rose, has taken up the challenge to learn to ride a unicycle and then to unicycle around the NC500 (500 miles) in the Scottish Highlands.

Bruce is doing this to both raise funds for the organisation and to raise awareness for The Sinclair Method (TSM) here in Scotland. With a 78% success rate, Bruce would like to scale up the program to make it available to anyone in Scotland who struggles with alcohol dependency issues.

To visit our Go Fund Me page, please click here.

Claudia Christian Webinar: The Sinclair Method-overcoming alcohol dependency

Claudia Christian

Due to having to cancel the previous seminars because of the current lockdown. Claudia has agreed to do an online webinar and a live chat with Bruce Rose from Alcohol Recovery Scotland.

You can signup and attend this free event here is a link to the information.

Excellent Results continue with our program

Results Graph

We are always amazed with the results of our alcohol recovery program. They say a picture paints a thousand words. The above graph is the alcohol intake of a client. A company director who was drinking 120 units per week (12/13 bottles of wine a week). Today, the craving has gone completely and they are easily able, (without white-knuckling it), to reduce their weekly intake to 20 units and below.

Another success story for The Sinclair Method here in Scotland

Get in touch and lets talk.

Claudia Christian

Sorry to announce these events have now been cancelled due to the COVID-19 advice.

Claudia Christian dates now firmed up and confirmed. Book here!

Claudia Christian, the American actress, is coming to Edinburgh, East Kilbride and Inverness to talk for Alcohol Recovery Scotland on 28th, 29th and 30th of April 2020. She will be talking on The Sinclair Method and explaining how and why TSM is such a successful model for alcohol recovery. The events are free of charge but please click the links below for further information and to register at the venue most suitable to you.

Many thanks to Macdonald Hotels for sponsoring the events.

Edinburgh Event:

East Kilbride Event:

Inverness Event:

Saving lives, supporting families and changing perceptions on addiction.

Link to LDN Radio broadcast.

Bruce Rose, (Alcohol Recovery Scotland), has carried out a recording for a radio programme that was broadcast on 18th December 2019. Here is the direct link to the full broadcast. LDN Research Trust Radio. They are an organisation that supports the use and education on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for medical conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Parkinson’s tremors, autoimmune illnesses (ME, MS etc). LDN is a lower dosage of the same medication that we use for The Sinclair Method (TSM). 2-5mg instead of our dosage of 50mg. Click link below to listen to full broadcast.

Bruce Rose – 18th Dec 2019 from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Alcohol Recovery Scotland carries out talk on LDN radio

Bruce Rose, (Alcohol Recovery Scotland), has carried out a recording for a radio programme that will be broadcast on 18th December 2019. It is for an organisation called LDN Research Trust that explains the benefits for Lose Dose Naltrexone for autoimmune illnesses, certain cancers, in fact, Bruce also heard the other day it is beneficial for as many as 200 plus different diseases. Bruce was able to speak about The Sinclair Method and how it is successful in over 78% of cases with AUD, (Alcohol Use Disorder), and how he is promoting this in Scotland.

LDN logo

A link to the radio station and LDN speakers can be found here.

Alcohol Recovery Scotland is moving into the corporate market

Alcohol Recovery Scotland is now stepping into the corporate market as well as continuing to work with private clients. Our goal is to help and support individuals via their companies and we have had a very positive response from employers already. Good to see that many companies are keen to support staff struggling and help them get back on an even keel.

Is wine a problem for you?

We are currently working with many individuals from many walks of life. Our biggest client base at the moment is those struggling with their wine intake. Do you feel as if your ‘off’ button does not work?

If you are feeling that one glass of wine leads to two, leads to ………….. then please contact us via our Contact form and we can chat things over. There is a solution.

Claudia Christian coming to speak about The Sinclair Method (TSM) and how it saved her life.

Claudia Christian

Alcohol Recovery Scotland spoke with Claudia Christian last Friday who has agreed to come to Scotland and give a few talks about The Sinclair Method (TSM), how it works and why it has had such a high success rate. Claudia, a Hollywood actress, known for her role as Commander Susan Ivanova, on the science fiction television series Babylon 5, successfully beat her addiction to alcohol using TSM. Watch her TEDx talk on our How the Program works Page

Claudia has made appearances in Dallas; The A-Team; Murder, She Wrote; Highlander, The Series; NYPD Blue; Criminal Minds; The Mentalist and NCIS to name a few. Claudia campaigns tirelessly to promote The Sinclair Method all over the world and we look forward to her coming to Scotland to promote TSM and help save many more lives. Watch this space for upcoming dates and venues for these events and get in touch if you want to know more via our contact page or click the button on the left.

Meeting with local SNP Councillor

Bruce Rose
Bruce Rose

We are pleased to announce that yesterday, Wednesday 4th September, Bruce Rose from Alcohol Recovery Scotland met with Cllr. Karl Rosie an SNP councillor for Thurso and North West Caithness. They discussed the current issues regarding alcohol recovery and the ways forward for helping people caught in addiction.

In the Highlands, there is only one, six-bed residential unit with a 6-month waiting list. Bruce spoke to Cllr. Rosie about Alcohol Recovery Scotland and how their model was very sustainable and about the higher than average success rate.

Cllr. Rosie is the Chairperson for Caithness Alcohol and Drug Forum and they discussed the possibility of Bruce speaking at their next event and sharing his vision on how Alcohol Recovery Scotland aims to work with hundreds of individuals all over Scotland who are struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Saving lives, supporting families and changing perceptions on addiction

Yet another client has completed our Programme

Another client has successfully gone through our program and is now standing on solid ground.

Bruce Rose from Alcohol Recovery Scotland says ‘it is so rewarding working with people who come to us initially, struggling with their alcohol intake. We work with them through the program and to see them come out the other end with a successful result is fantastic’.
Alcohol Recovery Scotland is looking at expanding our project in the very near future.

Watch this space for further news.

Spreading our wings

Spreading our wings

Alcohol Recovery Scotland is about to step up our vision and spread our wings further afield thanks to new funding and a dream to see our programme rolled out all over Scotland. Alcohol addiction is impacting too many individuals, families and other relationships. Our pioneering model has a very high success rate and we want to reach as many people impacted by this illness as possible.

Please help us to help others by sharing this news wherever you can. Thank you.

Saving lives, supporting families and changing perceptions on addiction.

Please also follow our Facebook Page link above and you can contact us on this website.

Another client has completed our Programme

In Scottish Gaelic, the word for hope is dochas. We are pleased to announce that another client has successfully completed our programme and is now living a life with no craving, which removes the very high risk of relapse and allows another individual the complete freedom to announce “I used to be an alcoholic”!

Saving lives, supporting families and changing perceptions on addiction.

Alcohol Recovery Scotland is pioneering a recovery model with a 78% success rate. Please get in touch for further details. Fill out our contact form on the website.

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