The Sinclair Method and how the program works

Alcohol Recovery Scotland is the first organisation to bring a tried and tested program to Scotland having been very successful in treating alcohol use disorder throughout Europe and America called the ‘The Sinclair Method’.


We accept referrals from both men and women over the age of 18 from individuals, family members, GP’s and professionals. All we ask is that the client has the motivation and desire to work our specific programme.

What is the Sinclair Method?

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is an evidence-based treatment for alcohol addiction using an NHS-licenced medication called Naltrexone. Naltrexone is taken one hour before an individual consumes alcohol and reduces the amount of endorphin released as a result of consuming alcohol. Recent research is showing that some individuals produce more endorphins than others after consuming alcohol and Naltrexone will reduce the reward the brain receives. As a result, over an extended period (normally 6-12 months), this will re-wire the neurological pathways, in effect de-addicting the addicted brain in a process called ‘pharmacological extinction’.

Alongside the medication, a full 6-month, 1-2-1 reduction programme is available to allow a safe, comfortable reduction, tailor-made for each client. The Sinclair Method (TSM) in the result of 25 years of research carried out by Dr David J Sinclair in Finland and over 125 clinical trials. There is no need for residential rehab centres, lifelong peer support meetings or a lifetime living on the edge of relapse, as The Sinclair Method (TSM) is all accessed through our online service and full medical back-up. The Sinclair Method (TSM) has a clinically trialled 78% success rate.

ARS programme:

  • Face to face assessment with the client and a dedicated responsible adult.
  • Medical assessment by our specialist Doctor.
  • Naltrexone prescription issued by Doctor.
  • Personal 6-month programme agreed with the client.
  • Weekly alcohol diary sent to ARS.
  • Compliance with the programme required for further prescriptions from our Doctor.
  • Regular contact between client and an ARS keyworker

Claudia Christian’s Ted Talk

We have made some information videos to give an overall view of what The Sinclair Method is and why we think it is very effective with a 78% success rate.

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