Scotland is known the world over for its many fine Whisky distilleries and a culture of social drinking.  For 9 out 10 of us, drinking is an enjoyable pastime associated with celebrations, good company and family occasions.

However, this is not the case for everyone. For some of us enjoying a glass of wine with a meal or a few pints at the pub with friends escalates until alcohol starts to impact the most important aspects of our lives – family, friends, home and work.

Because problem drinking affects so many aspects of life there are various modes of treatment available everything from self-help, group counselling to residential rehabilitation.

All of these methods have their merits but one size does not fit all.

Alcohol Recovery Scotland (ARS) is a not for profit company offering a confidential service programme backed up by people in recovery from alcohol use, qualified addiction staff with medical training and one of Scotland’s leading addiction medical specialists.

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