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Scotland is known the world over for its many fine Whisky distilleries and a culture of social drinking.  For 9 out 10 of us, drinking is an enjoyable pastime associated with celebrations, good company, and family occasions. Alcohol Recovery Scotland is the leading specialist in home-based alcohol rehab in Scotland.

However, this is not the case for everyone. For some of us enjoying a glass of wine with a meal or a few pints at the pub with friends escalates until alcohol starts to impact the most important aspects of our lives – family, friends, home and work.

Because problem drinking affects so many aspects of life there are various modes of treatment available everything from self-help, group counseling to residential rehabilitation.

All of these methods have their merits but one size does not fit all. We promote and use The Sinclair Method, check out how the program works page for more info.

Alcohol Recovery Scotland is a not-for-profit organisation offering a private, confidential service with 1-2-1 online support and full medical back-up from one of the UKs leading addiction doctors.

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Here are some Testimonials with regard to using The Sinclair Method here in Scotland. Get in touch and let us help you. Click here.

A Testimonial from HT in Glasgow

‘Just back from another week abroad – this time with my husband and daughter and still cannot quite comprehend the success of the programme’

A testimonial from DW in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Below is an email that was sent to us and we are posting this with the required permission:

“I always felt fully in control of my drinking. Right up until the stage where I had to concede this simply was not true.
The odd day each week missing work feeling too rough to get up early is fine surely? The odd day (or two) on weekends waiting for a sensible time to have a drink to take the edge off the night before is what everyone does right? Nights spent out with friends, where the booze is more important than the company – surely that’s fine too?
Slowly I began to realise that I seemed to be the only one missing days due to the night before. My true friend had become alcohol and before I realised it, everything else had taken second place.

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The idea that I would have to struggle through the rest of my life as a recovering alcoholic seemed much worse than continuing to give control up to alcohol. Therefore I turned to Google and started to research options. One day, I came across a TED talk by Claudia Christian who described a medication that over time brings alcohol consumption back under your control. A drug that does not stop you drinking, nor make you ill, nor require you take up a lifelong struggle to resist the urges.
A well-researched drug called Naltrexone that has a much higher success rate which has been used with great success in Finland for many years.
A cure for addiction.
It all sounded too good to be true, but the more I read the science and understood it, the more sense it made.

Armed with this information I went to my trust GP, having full faith in the wonderful NHS which we all pay towards. Without going into too much detail, this route led to increasing frustration at the lack of understanding about this treatment. I have bounced around a number of different medical practitioners over a couple of months and still no closer. Needless to say, this only made my drinking worse, much worse.

Luckily, one day whilst wallowing in the depths of my own drunken despair, through a social media group I found Bruce and Alcohol Recovery Scotland. Finally, I got to speak to someone that understood exactly the issues I have faced. Finally, someone that not only understands the science of Naltrexone and believes it, but who has seen it work for numerous people on the programme.

With help from Bruce, I started treatment within the week and every day since has seen an improvement. Bruce is always available when needed, but is never intrusive. I have found he appreciates that in many cases alcohol is the cause of psychological issues rather than the other way around.
Without Alcohol Recovery Scotland I would still be in a very dark place and heavily reliant on alcohol to get me through each day. Over 6 months later after first speaking with Bruce, I can have a drink without it becoming a race to oblivion. Most days I don’t even consider a drink and certainly, during the week it holds no appeal whatsoever.
A couple of my friends have died from alcohol abuse, and I only wish I knew about this treatment a number of years ago. Without hesitation, I can say that if Bruce had been there to help then their deaths could so easily have been prevented.

Put your trust in Bruce and the programme and take your life back. “

DW -Stirlingshire

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A testimonial from LB in the Central Belt Scotland, who has successfully completed our alcohol addiction treatment programme.

Below is an email that was sent to us and we are posting this with the required permission:

“I should probably start by saying that the Sinclair Method saved my life. It is a bold statement, but there is no other way to describe it.

I knew I was having a problem when a bottle of wine a night became normality. The moment I started hiding empty bottles from my husband was the bottom line. It was also the moment I realised that I couldn’t stop drinking, even if I wanted to.

I tried to quit, I truly did. In those periods, the thoughts about a drink would become even stronger and every day without alcohol felt like a torture. Over the past 5 years, my abstinence record was 4 days, after that, I felt like I deserved a reward in a form of a huge glass of wine.

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I did my research and I was shocked to learn that the most common cure was just to stop drinking, as it was that easy. The lack of empathy within the society doesn’t help either. I felt like the only way was to admit to the world that I was an alcoholic, a broken person, and to be labelled as such for the rest of my life.

I saw Claudia Cristian’s Ted Talk about the Sinclair Method on YouTube and it finally all made sense! For the first time in a long time, I felt like I wasn’t alone, that there is a proper cure. Right after taking the first pill, I felt different and every day since then I saw small differences in my relationship with alcohol. My daily amounts of alcohol were decreasing without me putting any restrictions. The best part was that the abstinence days weren’t a torture anymore – they suddenly became regular days when I just didn’t want a drink!

I must say though that the healing is a long and very emotional journey. There will be loads of ups and downs, which is why the support program is so important. I’m so glad I met Bruce. He is an incredible person, truly passionate about his work. Our regular calls made a massive difference in my healing process. He is so easy to talk to, even when it comes to some delicate topics. He also provides support to families and educates them about the disease, which makes a massive difference to everyone involved. His constant encouragement phrases would always cheer me up. Thank you, Bruce, for all the incredible work you do!

One small golden rule will change your life forever!”

This is the program we are promoting as we see it as a successful and achievable way to help those with this illness. This Testimonial is hopefully the first of many to come.


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