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Heavy drinking during the working week contributes to the prevalence of alcohol problems amongst staff, which in turn impacts the productivity of firms. Up to 17 million working days are lost each year in the UK because of alcohol-related sickness and the cost to employers of sick days due to alcohol is estimated at £1.7bn. The total annual cost to the economy is estimated to be £7.3bn. (Institute of Alcohol Studies, IAS)

Alcohol Recovery Scotland will tailor-make a programme to work with company employees who struggle with their alcohol intake, which in time can impact productivity and output. ACAS reports show that replacing a member of staff can cost up to £25,000. Assisting staff through an alcohol support programme can save organisations thousands of pounds and retain an experienced, knowledgeable member of staff. Should it be as a result of a disciplinary issue or allow an employee to choose to work with us, out with working hours, we offer a programme to organisations, for a very small monthly cost per employee. Valued members of staff can continue working while undergoing the programme, under medical guidance and regular 1-2-1 support from one of our support consultants. Our programme is clinically tested and has shown a 78% success rate and is a great return on investment.

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